McDonald’s is recognized by the Great Place to Work

The recognition of the Great Place to Work fills us with pride and satisfaction, and confirms the strong commitment we have with the development of our people.


At McDonald’s, employees receive continuous training, not only in operational matters, but also in values ​​and principles that accompany them throughout their lives. Principles such as integrity, trust, honesty, hospitality and the importance of teamwork are values ​​that represent the principles of the Company and that build the foundation of a successful career.


In Latin America, McDonald’s was recognized by the Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work for in Argentina , Brazil, Colombia , Mexico, Peru, Uruguay , Venezuela , Panama and Costa Rica . This result in Latin America has contributed to McDonald’s being highlighted as one of the 10 best multinational companies to work for in the world – as announced for the first time in 2011, after surveys with more than 2.5 million employees in 5,500 companies of all the world.


Among the aspects that led McDonald’s to receive this recognition are the excellent work environment, flexible hours, continuous training and career plan. The company continues to be one of the companies that offers the most opportunities for the first job in Latin America, serving as a gateway to the job market for millions of young people.


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To train its teams, McDonald’s maintains an extensive training program in all the countries it operates, and an advanced study center, McDonald’s University, in Brazil. Advanced leadership courses are held in this center, which contribute to the growth of employees in their careers.




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