Fundamental Analysis of PLTR

PLTR stock works constantly to develop software for managing, analyzing, and protecting data. The company canceled its last funding round in 2015, valuing the company at around $ 20 billion. Since then, due to the impact of a large number of shares falling on the secondary market, the company’s valuation may have dropped to between $ 8 billion and $ 12 billion. Here are the details of the Fundamental Analysis of PLTR.

Palantir generates and deploys a software platform for the US intelligence community to assist with investigations and counterterrorism operations. The company is known for Palantir Gotham which is a software platform for government officials in the defense and intelligence industry.

Palantir Technologies and Artificial Technology

Palantir is used by more than 10 organizations within the US government. Currently, there are a lot of articles about Palantir Technologies (PLTR), so in this report, we look at aspects that have not been influenced by the investment community so far. Therefore, some owners need to have a foundation of philosophy and beliefs and need to understand the journey up to now to overcome the reservations of some investors.

Artificial intelligence capabilities have been widely advertised for more than two decades, and he has always believed that a real breakthrough in qualitative decision-making via machines is imminent. The reality is that machines powered by artificial intelligence can hardly make qualitative decisions in their lives or even in the 21st century. Machines are infinitely better than humans in decision making but people are infinitely better at making decisions that in terms of intuition, subjectivity, and qualitative consideration.

However, as of 2013, not all military forces were using Palantir. The US military developed its own data analysis tool at a cost of $ 2.3 billion, known as a distributed public ground system but it is believed to be uncommon. Palantir allows users to identify patterns hidden deep in the data set, from signal intelligence sources to whistleblowers’ confidential reports and facilitates transfer among analysts. and active users and help operators plan and execute real-world responses.

The main prospectus state of the company is that the US military has successfully used Palantir. Pentagon is using this software for tracking how roadside bombs are deployed and conclude door openers of the garage are used. Using Palantir can now download samples of DNA and use information gathered over the years to obtain fingerprints and DNA evidence. Results returned immediately. Without Palantir, the suspect may have moved to another location when agents at the scene received results. You can find more PLTR news before investing.


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