Fix any errors on your credit report

Keep in mind that this program only applies to new cars. New cars are generally more expensive than used cars, which means higher payments and a greater need for a good credit score. If you can get your score to a minimum of 720, you should have no problem qualifying since you sit in the “excellent” category. If that’s not possible for you right now, try to get your score as close as possible. Fix any errors on your credit report, make good on any delinquent debts, close newer accounts that you don’t use or need (and don’t have a balance), and pay down your current debt as much as possible. Cash For Cars Sydney

There’s quite a bit of debate about other requirements for your current car itself for the C.A.R.S Act. Vehicles older than 25 years don’t qualify (which immediately disqualifies a majority of gas guzzlers), you will not receive the full trade-in value of your car even if it’s worth more than $4500, your trade-in is required to be “destroyed” even if it’s a relatively newer car, etc. Check it out and judge for yourself; there are opportunities to make the program benefit you, the dealer, and the economy at the same time if you do your homework. If you decide to “cash-in,” your credit score is still just as important as ever, and you can check it for free, so don’t neglect it!